About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

Zsa’s is a woman-owned, small-batch manufacturer of super-premium,“Seriously from Scratch,” new American traditional ice cream and ice cream sandwiches. Our production kitchen is located in the Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia and our retail space is just a short drive away in the Mt. Airy section of the city. Our products do not use artificial flavors or colors, and we strive to incorporate local ingredients whenever possible, starting with grass-pastured dairy. We pride ourselves in making as many of our products completely from scratch, including cake; cookies; caramel; and all the fruit purees that accent our ice creams. Ice cream is a common bridge among people and we love learning about all of our customers by way of a pint or sandwich.

Our Flavor Creations

While we're inspired by seasonal ingredients and from-scratch processes, our main focus is figuring out how to prepare these ingredients and create ice cream inclusions that remain of excellent taste and texture when frozen within ice cream. We feature modern takes on classic flavors and a singular dedication to making creations that go beyond what one would normally expect of ice cream. While we make American style ice cream, we make it in a gelato style, so that the resulting product is super dense; creamy; and flavorful.

Our ice creams are both loved by kids and sought after by adults. Our product ideas come from childhood memories and adult flavor daydreams. At Zsa's, ice cream appeals to both our taste and visual senses. Creating brilliantly hued berry swirls running through a seasonal flavor, or luscious bits of chocolate cake folded in to coffee ice cream, is as important to us as finding the right balance of flavor amongst ingredients. In addition to our super-premium ice creams, we’re also known for our ice cream sandwiches, where no two are alike, and our commitment to doing things from-scratch and by hand is made clear by their distinct appearance.

Where Does the Name Come From?

“Zsa” is the name that my sister, Rebecca, and I orchestrated for ourselves when we were little girls. We wanted a nickname that we could use interchangeably, but we weren't able to come up with anything that struck our fancy when we combined “Danielle” and “Rebecca.” So, obviously, “Zsa” was the best choice. When I started my business in 2011, the easiest part was naming it. I knew that customers would remember the name because it was short, started with a “Z,” and just quirky enough to make folks pay attention.

And fun fact? 45 minutes of the very first one-on-one small business consultation session I attended, was spent by me listening to a lecture about why I shouldn't name my business “Zsa's.” We won't go into the particulars, but needless to say, I didn't listen. And I'm glad.

From Food Trucks to a Brick & Mortar

In 2011, our first vintage ice cream truck, Gatsby, hit the streets of Philadelphia; and, a few years later, his sibling, Lorraine, joined in the food truck fun. I'm so thankful for the success of our trucks and can't express how exciting it was to serve thousands of ice cream sandwiches at food truck festivals and private events over the years. However, my ultimate goal has always been to open a scoop shop and be able to provide a home base for Zsa's fans year-round. Winter 2018 presented me with the perfect opportunity to do this, and for that reason, our beautiful blue vintage trucks are headed to new homes. You can still contact us for catering orders and even without our trucks, we'll be more than happy to deliver ice cream to the venue of your special event. I look forward to sharing more news of our 2019 home base with you over the next few months!

– Danielle