All the moving Parts

Moving Parts


When one starts a business there are certain internal expectations that float and form inside ones head. What form these expectations take can depend on the past experiences and temperament of the dreamer. If you are a visual thinker there are motifs and scenarios that play out like small movies. ….opening are there, dust free, unwrinkled skin, presenting your product or idea to the masses. Will it work? Will it change everything? Of course! If you are a practical or process thinker there will be an endless list of task to perform, sleepless nights. A logic machine sits there with an input that requires materials, sweat, and ideas to be fed into it. This is all an abstract procedure and there are no visuals, no real self that is present. Its just a force that is an indication of a “you” that is working in the world to change things, to make a certain point that you where here, that you where an under current that effected those around you. These can all be exercises to prepare yourself for what will have to be done…It doesn’t seem to work out that way in this writers experience. The business takes on a life and character of its own. It reaches and fills out its own attributes that build on your initial idea. It seems that the more lives that are touched, the more personality and life the business will evolve. The more structure and emotional architecture that forms within an idea group or food tribe or movement or belief system the more that complexity and reaction commences. We are watching this thing grow and trying to mind all the moving. This is just a little view into the life of a unexpected  ice cream truck builder and small business owner.