Featured Ice Cream Flavors

Year Round Favorites


Beginning with Trickling Springs Creamery’s grass-grazed dairy, pure Bourbon Vanilla Extract is added, making our Vanilla satisfying and strong enough to stand on its own, or sandwiched between our handmade cookies. (Gluten Free)


Salted Caramel
Our year-round BESTSELLER and flavor most likely to cause an addiction! We start by making our own caramel, gradually adding milk and cream, and finally adding a generous amount of Kosher salt to create a luscious and creamy, sweet and salty combination. (Gluten Free)


Black Magic
One of our SIGNATURE FLAVORS incorporating the best of all worlds – CAKE and ICE CREAM! Generous pieces of our from scratch, family recipe Black Magic Chocolate Cake are folded into our Coffee Ice Cream featuring Valley Green Coffee’s “Devil’s Pool Blend.”

Rich Chocolate Sorbet
Our creamiest and richest sorbet we have yet to offer is made with high quality cocoa powder and semi-sweet chocolate. Its final consistency is similar to fudge and satisfies even those who prefer traditional ice creams to non-dairy sorbets. (Gluten Free)

Fall & Winter Seasonals

Sweet Cinnamon
A popular fall and winter flavor because it pairs remarkably well with seasonal pies and desserts. 2 types of cinnamon are steeped in milk and cream to create a flavor that’s less like a sharp cinnamon and more like a sweet cinnamon sugar. (Gluten Free)

Caramel Apple Crisp
This Fall signature flavor starts with a milder, less salty version of our bestselling Salted Caramel Ice Cream. From there, we fold in chunks of caramelized baked apples and bits of our crispy streusel made with oats, butter, and brown sugar.

Pumpkin Gingersnap
Roasted pumpkin is blended into Trickling Springs Creamery’s milk and cream, seasoned with a bit of fall spices, and finished with bits of our handmade chewy Gingersnap cookies. Yes, we’re so serious about making ice cream from scratch that we actually bake cookies only to then crush them for this ice cream!

Maple Toffee Graham
Another signature flavor, featuring both our handmade ice cream and handmade baked goods. Smooth, creamy, and sweet Maple Ice Cream is accented with generous chunks of our Salted Toffee Almond Graham Crackers.

Chilie Peppered Chocolate
A rich, creamy, supremely dense chocolate ice cream with initial notes of semi-sweet chocolate and then a finish of heat and smokiness from a mix of cinnamon and ancho & chipotle chilie pepper powders. Pairs perfectly aside our Sweet Cinnamon. (Gluten Free)

Peppermint Bark
Chopped dark chocolate and organic candy cane bits are folded into our Peppermint Ice Cream. This is a very limited edition flavor and usually appears for only a few weeks before the December holidays! (Gluten Free)

Spring & Summer Seasonals

Lemon Buttermilk
A pucker-up, refreshing, summer favorite featuring Trickling Springs Creamery’s milk, cream, and rich buttermilk. Tart lemon is rounded out by the tanginess of buttermilk for a flavor that pairs wonderfully with pound cake or a fresh berry sauce. (Gluten Free)


Sour Cream Blueberry
Locally sourced blueberries are cooked into a thick, luscious, richly purple sauce and then folded into our Sour Cream ice cream. This is a great flavor for customers who are craving something a little less sweet. Sour Cream Blueberry is often compared to a seasonal blueberry cheesecake and pairs well with the tartness of our Lemon Buttermilk. (Gluten Free)


Lavender Honey
A delicate seasonal flavor to be enjoyed all on its own. Honey, sourced from different local apiaries, is infused with culinary lavender and set to steep in milk and cream. The result is an aromatic, sweet, earthy flavor that can only be captured by using real ingredients, found in nature. (Gluten Free)


Summer Berry Crisp
This ice cream is gorgeous to look at, as it is to taste. A blend of local berries are pureed and then mixed into our grass pastured dairy base, creating an ice cream with a stunning raspberry hue. As a final step, berry sauce is swirled throughout the ice cream and bits of our oats, butter, and brown sugar crispy streusel are folded in.


Buttered Brown Sugar Peach
Ripe and juicy local peaches are poached with melted butter and brown sugar, then pureed and mixed into milk and cream. Additional bits of buttered brown sugar peaches are folded in at the end for one of our favorite and most popular summer flavors. (Gluten Free)