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Gatsby is our 1963 International Harvester Metro.


He was design by Loewy, an industrial designer who had a 40 year career and is known for such American icons as: Air Force One, Lucky Strikes Cigarettes packages, and the Coca Cola Bottle. If you hold up a Coca Cola bottle next to Gatsby’s front profile you can see the similarities in the lines. The International Harvester company started out making tractors and eventually trucks. If you look at Gatsby’s engine you can see the straight forward sturdy approach of a hefty simple engine.

Gatsby came to Zsa’s in spring of 2011 courtesy of Ebay. Parker saw the truck and showed it to Danielle and she fell in love instantly. Though she didn’t have the money for it she started talking with the seller to set up a payment plan and offering credit references. She even offered a lifetime supply of free ice cream. At the same time in another part of the city—the opposite end of the couch—Parker was telling the seller not to accept any her offers because he was going to purchase the truck. A few weeks later at a café Danielle was venting about a bad day at her regular 9 to 5 and telling Parker how much she wished she could quit her job and just make ice cream all the time. Parker paused and with a smile and his heart in his throat he passed Gatsby’s keys to her. There where tears and declarations of disbelief.

Gatsby arrived from Salt Lake City on a flat bed truck 3 weeks later and Danielle and Parker spent the next month getting him ready for his new job. His previous history was that of being a milk delivery truck, a vegetable delivery truck, and a snow cone truck. He has a long pedigree of bringing food and smiles to people. It was fortunate that it worked out that he was a snow cone truck before he joined Zsa’s. He already had a sink and cabinets in place. It took some paint, installation of a freezer, graphics, and a menu board and he was ready for his debut at the Skipback Farmers Market. Where ever Gatsby goes he elicits smiles and thumbs up as well as shouts of “What year is that?” and “Is it for sale?” Gatsby’s design has set the ascetic for Zsa’s and provided a professional presentation to introduce people to a phenomenal ice cream. It is an ongoing process of adaptation and improvements. The most involved upgrade will be a newer more powerful engine and an automatic transmission. Gatsby presently has a 3 speed transmission with a shifter on the steering column. His top speed is 50mph which means he doesn’t go on the highway. The process of constantly shifting when driving in the city can be exhausting as well. This past year of 2013 he got a new paint job and some nice new vinyl graphics. There is a long list of improvements, sometimes rewarding, sometimes tedious, but the work is always a labor of love. We are happy to have him in our lives.